Friday, November 24, 2006

The First Offcut

Laying the saw into the first piece of foam yesterday was such a great feeling. After five years of dreaming, 12 months of planning to make it happen, 9 months of finding a home and moving east, 3 months of sorting out a shop and finding a way to make ends meet it was such a wonderful feeling laying out the first piece of foam and making the first cut towards the boat. Building the shop was wonderful and will continue to evolve, Rockler and Grizzly tool catalogs have overtaken top catalog position from Victoria's Secret (not by much) and adjusting to this wild place has already taught me lessons about cadence in life. But making the first cut towards the boat seemed like a milestone. So this milestone I shall record since this long project will be about celebrating milestones.

So the foam for one of the rudders has been cut and lamninated and will go through it's paces. Today we'll have a small celebration in honor of the first offcut.

We also had a little porcupine show up a while back.


Harry M. Thailand said...

Keep going till you reach on your first light, the "First Light" out on the Sea.
I was stoppt by dreaming for my Harryproa by having brocken my spin 2 time this year 2006 ! ! !
Now I dreaming with all the Builder of a Harryproa!
Go on and let me be a "dream crew".
Good luck!
Harry M. Thailand

Tony said...

Very kind words Harry.
With a name like that fate is definitely on your side. Good luck with the back. Look forward to being on your dream crew as well.

Doug Haines said...

What is that?
A hedgehog?