Monday, November 13, 2006

Tool Time

Photos of vacuum pump setup. One large GAST pumps capable of pulling 28" and one smaller unit capable of pulling 22". Not sure what the rated CFM's are. Plumbing from pumps to traps are 1/2" schedule 40 PVC. PVC on top of the GAST pump is a cover for the start capacitor.

About $225 for everything here.

A few months back E-Bay presented a GAST 3/4 HP vacuum pump for $70. It was missing the start capacitor, capacitor cover and air filter but the pump was like new. I believe it was used in an R and D facility. So the pump was purchased along with a few tidbits to get her in shape and we have a $700 pump for about $110. I'll refer to the extra $590 as foam credits. It used to be beer credits ($3.50 per beer) however since this project started everything is about the $4.00 sq/ft foam cost. So we just picked up an additional 150 sq feet of foam. Total foam requirements will be about 1,600 square feet of 3/4" foam.

The idea of lugging this pump (75 pounds) around the shop seemed like a good way to break something (ie. my toe) so we put her on a cart.

I came across another smaller pump that will be used as a back-up. So my 2 hour cart project turned into a 6 hour pipe-fitting project since I wanted to tie everything in together. I gave back several foam credits on this one but%

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