Saturday, November 04, 2006

Visionarry Specifications

Design: Visionarry
Proatype: Harryproa
Leeward Hull: 60 feet
Windward Hull: 33 feet
Beam: 27 feet
Sailing Weight: ~5,000 pounds
Payload: ~4,000 pounds
Draft: 1'5" to 8'2"
Righting Moment: 15 ton-meters
Sail Area: ~860 sq ft

Designer: Rob Denney

Designer Website:
Designer E-Mail:

1 comment:

Jonny said...

Didn't I tell you long ago to just get a Seadoo?

Nice work T-bone, good to see what you're up to.

Toddles found your blogsite for us. I actually read the whole thing then went to the designer's site - very interesting stuff. Miss ya here at AR and I know you're missing Led Zeplica at Soho!